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New Baby – New Blog! November 19, 2009

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If you’re reading this right now, you must be interested in Our Story. Well, the latest chapter in our saga is that April is again pregnant! We will be expecting another bundle of joy sometime in June.

So, in celebration of the new kid, there’s a new blog. Please check us out: http://casadethompson.wordpress.com . There’s even a naming contest that you can check out there!


Arrrrrr May 26, 2008

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A few things-

Luke is starting to really teethe.  Before he would slobber and we thought it was teething, but this is starting to really get serious, folks.  We’re talking chewing on everything, fussiness, and overall growling and trying to shove everything in reach into his mouth.

We need to get his “6 month”, now 6 3/4 month pics taken…need to stop procrastinating!

How is my baby boy over 6 months old already, anyway?  Amazing how the time has gone by.  Really amazing.

He’s rolling all over and rotates different directions on his belly.  But his favorite thing to do right now is “ow’ “ow” “ow” on his hands.  Yes, he’s talented.


Pics May 8, 2008

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Almost 6 months later. May 3, 2008

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I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.  The last time I posted here, I was pregnant and fearing the near future.  I was so worried about the c-section, worried about Luke and making sure he would be healthy, worried about the changes that were getting ready to happen to my life.  Amazing how things have changed.  I still worry, of course.  I think that’s just my personality.  But things are just the way they are supposed to be.  Sure there were lots of changes and still are- but I’m so thankful for them.  Luke has turned our worlds upside down and there hasn’t been anything more or less that I’d ask for.

The beginning was rough.  Jason had to work the entire time I was home with Luke.  Literally, he went to work the day after I came home.  It was horrible.  Looking back, I had some postpartum depression going on.  I cried everytime he left me.  I cried everytime anyone would leave me.  It was just Luke and me.  Luke didn’t know what the heck was going on, and neither did I.  It was just the two of us at 3am…trying to figure out why were both crying.  LoL.  I can laugh now- because I survived it.  Jason helped as much as he could between all of his work hours.

I got to stay home from work until February which was WONDERFUL.   Work.   Ya know, I was soooo worried about my coworkers having too much of my work and being overloaded with it.  That priority went out the window as soon as I saw Luke.  Priority of work was gone.  I was able to stay home and just love him and learn him.  I have the very best boss I think I could ask for in Kara.  She’s a mom herself and so understanding.  I couldn’t ask for anything better.  She helped me realize that it was okay to let go of projects and work.  She also let me know that there has to be balance between work and family.

Now that I’m back at work, Luke goes to Julie’s.  Yet another blessing.  Julie has been so incredibly helpful.  Between her and my dad, i don’t know what I’d do without them.  My dad meets me downtown on Monday mornings and evenings.  He gets Luke and takes him out to Julie.  Then on Tuesdays, Julie meets me downtown in the morning and evening.  Wednesday, Julie meets me in the morning- dad meets me in the evening.  I can’t believe it’s actually working, but it is.  Julie is able to watch Luke and he’s able to be in her home and play/learn/interact with her boys.  I’m so lucky.   Even more lucky to know that Jason is home with him all day on Thursdays and Fridays.  Those are “Daddy and Luke” days.

So here I am, sitting downstairs, typing while Luke sleeps and Jason works.  Thinking about all of the milestones that have come and gone since the last blog.  The fact that I’m actually a mom- that Jason and I are “doing this” as we say.  Development wise, Luke is doing great.  He’s rolling all over, practicing sitting up, smiling all of the time, teething, and blowing raspberries like it’s his job.  His favorite toy is his jumperoo with his playmat coming in a close 2nd.

So this is where I’ll end this one- there are a lot of other things I’m going to talk about, but for now, I’ll leave it with this update and some pics.  I’ll be updating this more often.  I need to blog more so I’ll remember these things!!

daddy and luke


Some More Pics November 9, 2007

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And my favorite:


It’s a Boy! November 8, 2007

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Welcome, Luke!

Luke was born on Tuesday morning. He weighed 7lbs 1.1ozs and was 19″ long. He’s such a tiny baby!

Baby and Mom are both doing great. I’m really amazed by how well April has recouped after her surgery. She hasn’t had any pain killers since about 24 hours after her surgery, and she feels great. She’s been a great mom to Luke so far!

I love the little guy. I just love holding him in my arms and watching him sleep. Hopefully he loves it too.

April and Luke will be coming home tomorrow. The past two days have been a whirlwind, between visitors and nurses and other hospital employees, it’s seemed like that door is never shut. And when you do get a second of peace, the phone rings!

Tomorrow has been designated an Immediate Family day, meaning just April, Luke, and myself. No visitors. No calls. Nothing. 🙂 Hopefully we can get him transitioned into the house, and hopefully the cats will leave the poor kid alone.

Well, check the blog more often, folks. This is going to get good…


A day of reflection? November 5, 2007

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Lots has happened since the last post-

I’ve found out that Luke is breech after having an ultrasound because I measuring 1 1/2-2 weeks ahead for months.  In the u/s, he was “frank breech” which means he is butt down, head up, and his little legs are straight up by his head.  After doing some reading, I’ve found this is the best type of breech baby to deliver, but alas, my doctor doesn’t want that and has scheduled me for a c-section.  There are risks with the baby’s oxygen supply if I try to delivery regularly.  Earlier this week I was very sad about having to have a c-section, but I’ve come to realize that it’s not just about what I want, but it’s about having him come here completely healthy without stress.  It’s just that I’ve often heard about c-section happy docs who resort to c-sections and not letting the mothers labor.  But bottomline is that my doctor is responsible for my health and the baby’s health.  He’s not responsible for meeting my emotional needs in this laboring experience.  And if he believes that a c-section will keep Luke safer, then that’s what has to happen and I need to “get glad” about it.

So I had this appointment on Thursday of last week and was told I was on his schedule for TUESDAY.  6 days.  And now here we are, Monday.  One day left…less than 24 hours and I’ll be looking at my son.  I can’t tell you the emotions that come over me when I think about it.  Literally, every emotion I can feel I’ve felt.  Scared, happy, nervous, excited, anxious…just to name a few.  On Friday I was showering and was thinking about the entire experience- what it would be like while I’m laid out on the table- what it would be like to hear his first cries, and having Jason there with me to experience it all.  I cried.  In the shower.  So yes, there are still a ton of hormones running through this body.

Friday was my last day of work- that was weird.  I felt like I was quitting my job.  People were coming and saying goodbye.  Some of them all teary-eyed.  I couldn’t bring myself to cry- it was like I was still in work mode and I just knew there was still so much to do before I was ready to go.  I really think the time will fly by while I’m off.  I know I’ll be back there in no time.

I spent the weekend cleaning off and on- trying to prepare the house for us to come home to.  I’ll finish doing some of that stuff today- well, all of it, I guess.  I just know I can’t come home to a messy house.  I’ll probably freak out!

So here I sit on the couch this morning- trying to find something decent on TV to watch (and being unsuccessful at that)- thinking about how different things will be in just a matter of hours.  And while I’m scared out of my wits about the procedure, I can’t wait to hold this little baby in my arms and look at his face, arms, legs, belly, butt, tiny toes, and little fingers.