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A Man, A Wife, and a Baby

Introductions Are Necessary June 1, 2007

Filed under: Introduction — Jason @ 4:01 pm

Welcome to our blog! April and I are going to use this blog to communicate to the entire planet how the pregnancy is going, and then when our baby is born, we’ll finally have something going on enough to write about. Maybe 10 years from now our baby will appreciate it and find it humorous. I know I would have if there was the innernets back in good ol’ ‘82.

So, in the unlikely event that you’ve just stumbled upon us, or the even more unlikely event that we’ve been made famous because of how phenomenally popular our fantastic, witty, and insightful blog has become, I’ll just start off with brief introductions. Back stories aren’t too important, anyway.

I’m Jason, and my wife, as has been mentioned, is April. We’re both 25 and we live in a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana. She works at an advertising agency buying commercial time and I have many jobs. Well, just two (as of now), not the least of which is working as a production assistant at a local TV station.

Anyway, so much for that. Your comments and adoration are more than welcomed, they’re encouraged. Especially if you have kids and can help us deal with what we’ve got ourselves into (which…oh my).




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