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Back to the Doc’s June 5, 2007

Filed under: Doctors — Jason @ 5:25 pm

So tomorrow is another doctor’s appointment.  I know that I’m pretty excited, and I’m sure April is too.  Tomorrow will be the second time that I get to hear our baby’s heartbeat (April snuck in an extra appointment to hear it last week, so it will be her third).  I think that I could/should take in a camera or audio-recording-device just so I can have the sound on demand whenever I wanted to listen to it.

It sounds crazy, but I’m really geeked about having a baby, something I never in a million and a half years would have thought I would say, but there it is.  I just want him or her to be nice and healthy, so I’m trying to do everything I can to make that happen, though there really isn’t much that I can do about it other than bug April to make sure she took her vitamin.  🙂

Things are gliding along smoothly, and while it some times it feels like it’s taking forever to get here, I can’t believe that the baby is four months along already, and that we’re almost half-way to having a baby.  Crazy.

It looks like I’m going to be taking on another job (at WNDE), which makes 3, which is good because it gives us more money, but bad because it takes me out of the house more.  But I think things will be ok.  Probably just my same ol’ worries coming out.

Thanks for reading us.  We hope that you’ll check back often, and appreciate your comments.  Anything that you want to leave us is valued.  Thanks!


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