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Everything Looks Good! June 8, 2007

Filed under: Doctors,Gender — Jason @ 11:33 am

So we went to the Doc’s on Wednesday and everything seems to be fine. The baby’s heart sounds really good. I’m so happy! I’m so worried that something bad will happen. I suppose that’s normal, though, right?

So we were able to move our ultrasound up a few days. Our doctor is on vacation when April hits her 20th week. Bogus! So we were able to move it to the Friday of Week 19. That’s awesome. That will be an awesome week. Vacation the first half and get to see our baby the second. Nothing wrong with that.

Do I want a boy or a girl? I want both, for different reasons.

A boy I want for all the regular reasons. He’s like me. He’s what I know. He can pass on the Thompson name, etc, etc, etc. *makes Man-noise, a la Tim Taylor*

A girl would be difficult for me, but easier for April, and since everyone knows she’s the brains behind this operation, it would be easier for both of us. Plus girls seem a bit easier to handle.

Either way, though, I’ll be excited, and I know April will be too (even though I know she’s secretly pulling for a girl 😉 ).


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