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A repost from the MySpace June 17, 2007

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I’m currently 17 weeks and everything is moving right along. I’m going to post some pictures in this blog for updates, but I’m warning everyone now- I’m not petite, never been petite, won’t ever be petite, so if you are shocked by a chunky girl being pregnant (or baby talk at all), go ahead and click your back button.

Plus sized girl’s pregnancy journal begins here-
What I’ve learned- pregnancy for a big girl isn’t really too much of a shock to my system. Aside from the hormonal upset stomach early on, I’m not crying over stretchmarks, and I’m not worried about gaining too much weight. I am being smart about my weight gain, and thanks to the baby, I’ve actually be craving foods that are good for me. At my last appointment, I’d officially gained no weight. I’d been up and down a pound, and it seems to not be moving anywhere yet. I’ve got some realistic expectations for myself- I’m not expecting to just have my belly pop out there like the smaller/average sized girl- and that’s ok. Things are making their way out in front, but I’m not heartbroken like some of the girls I’ve been reading about online who are just so astonished that they aren’t showing yet. Oh, and a benefit of being a plus sized girl- I’m just now needing to transition into some maternity pants. I have two pairs of regular jeans that are still decent to wear to work.
I’ve had little panicky moments like weird cramping here and there- but really everything has been pretty normal.

For those of you who are wondering why I’d talk about this whole “plus sized” thing- it’s because most of you aren’t. And I don’t really feel like many of you understand a chunky girl- so I’m telling my story the way I want to.

And now for the show 🙂

First pic is 13 weeks, second is 16 weeks. I think everything that was in my lower abdomen is pushing up and out of my upper abdomen. Observe.

13 Weeks 16 weeks


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