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Drano Test June 17, 2007

Filed under: Gender — April @ 11:43 pm

Oh yes, we did it. The Drano test. It showed brown for boy!! We’ll see what’s really going on in there on June 29th.


26 Responses to “Drano Test”

  1. sarosh Says:

    i did it today,the powder its self is green,was yrs too? anyway it turned into dark brownish green, and dark black grains sat in the bottom i wonder what was that.
    what do u think ?

  2. April Says:

    I forgot to add my comment here- our powder was teal/blue in color to start. When the reaction happened, everything fizzed in the jar and turned dark brown. I took pictures- lol Let me know if you need to see them for comparison.

    From the Bob & Tom site, it said if there was brown and reaction, it’s a boy. If there’s not really a reaction and stays blue/green, that’s a girl.

    Had my ultrasound yesterday and I believe the Drano- We’re having a boy!!

  3. Amanda Says:

    Let’s see pictures! I took the drano test and it seemed greenish/brownish.

  4. April Says:

    Pic to be posted 🙂

  5. […] Drano pic For those who might want to see what mine looked like.  Previous Blog […]

  6. dawn Says:

    i was so happy to read about the draino test i did for my friend and I have been sworn to secrecy i did the test with out her and can not even tell her, i saw your picture and i was always told if the test was a muddy brown it was a girl and if it was a muddy brown with a blue foam and or tint to the urine it was a boy. and my test/her test was the blue brown don’t want to tell her even that cause she already has 2 boys. the reason why this test works has everything to do with biology. boys are acidic and girls are alkaline so the crystles react with the waiste products from the mom and baby if the baby is the same sex as the mom it would be a muddy brown causing all the crystals to react but if you were having a boy the alkaline would nutralize the sample and the blue crystals would not react. so it goes as follows

    recipe: mix in med GLASS jar with tight lid

    1/4 cup first morn urine (past 20 weeks)or so
    1 TBS crystal draino
    add them together and cover right away.
    swirl around a couple of times and set the container down
    don’t touch it because it gets very very very hot.

    if it is a browish blue/TEAL it is a BOY
    if it is a muddy brown/black it is a GIRL

    have lots of fun NOT 100% but really close
    I gave this test recipe to many friends and they have ALWAYS ALWAYS come out correct and that has been about 20-30 people!

  7. penny Says:

    i did it for both my kids when i was pregnant and it worked for both. Yellowish brown is girl, greeny/blue is boy

  8. Tamela Says:

    I’m confused. Every website says something different when it comes to the color=gender. Mine turned blue/green. Some say girl and some say boy. What is it? Please email me if you know for sure. Thanks!

  9. claire Says:

    i done drano test when i was about 17 weeks pregnant, my test took a while to change and the colour was the same as yours or even closer colour – the colour of the back ground of this page. on the side of the pot it had two colours orange girl and this colour boy, i had a scan it confirmed a boy, but i hope its wrong as i have two boys already..

  10. Amy Says:

    My cousin actually took the Drano test and it predicted a girl, but she went to the ultrasound, they told her it was a boy. Guess what came out? A girl!!!! SO my whole family goes by the Drano test now, and it has worked for the rest of my family.

  11. Brandy Owen Says:

    My sister did the test and there was a chemical reaction like a volcano in a science experiment. Are there any other reports like this?

  12. alicia Says:

    I keep reading different stuff. How far along do I need to be to take this test? Taking it after 20 weeks would be pointless cause Im going to find out at 20 weeks. Are there different draino crystals? and Ive read alot of different colors too some say if it doesnt change color at all =girl IDK what to go by

    • Joan Says:

      Reddish brown (Like color of river water – Girl
      Bluish green / black looking – Boy
      You want to pay close attention to the liquid part.

      Kept up with this back in 1980 when i was pregnant and it came up 80% acurate.

  13. matt Says:

    they sell draino in a bottle called “Intelligender” for $35
    this is just like it

    • April Says:

      Why spend $35 when you can spend $8 on Drano? And I think the two are just about as accurate. I’ve had several friends do the Intelligender and end up with the opposite gendered child than what was predicted.

    • Heather Says:

      I took the intelligender and it predicted girl, I did drano it predicted boy…My doctor has also said that there is reason to believe boy due to ultrasound done at 16 weeks…I will be going on the 20th to confirm but I have one little girl and this preg. is nothing like with her, I also believe it is a boy..I will support the drano test because of all my friends and family that have used it and it has been accurate for everyone I have known that has used it.

  14. Kimberly Says:

    According to the instructions I have I am having a girl. But now hearing all these of variations of testing and colors I am confused.

  15. ans Says:

    It was accurate with both of ours. As for my sister.

  16. cwieberdink Says:

    I’ve used the draino test for ALL SEVEN of my kids and it’s been accurate for ALL SEVEN (and so was the ring test). I have 2 boys and 5 girls. I’m pregnant again now, and we’ll be doing the draino test at about halfway through.

    The real colors are: brown/black = BOY, blue/green = GIRL

    • Nashwa Says:

      I agree with u I did it the test today to my sis she is 30week and we know it is a boy and it was green then turn to light brown. I did it for my slfe it was brown as will but I have 6 weeks to really know what I have . So brown = boy for sure

  17. BGlazed Says:

    my mom told me that in the 60s a nurse told her this while she was in the hospital: any shade of BROWN = boy (including yellow) but any shade of GREEN = girl.
    She told me this when i was pregnant with my son, it went very brown then black after a minute or 2.
    It has to be the crystal drano. There are some things in the draino that may turn black, my mom said it has nothing to do with the test, it is just the draino.
    I am pregnant now and it went immediately a pretty green. Then black after a couple minutes.
    A good friend of mine had the exact same results as my “female results” from the time she was 1 month preg. her ultrasound confirms, a girl!

    • tanya morris Says:

      I tried the drano test at 18 weeks, first sample of the day turned brown and foamed up. Second sample turned blueish/green. The fallowing week blue/green(I had lots of fluids the night before I think). Third week back to brown and foaming(made sure not to drink too much). I am now quite confused.

  18. aiz Says:

    hi, just wanted to know if it is the liquid that tells you the gender or the foam on top of the urine,
    green foam= girl
    brown foam = boy??? confused

  19. Tia Says:

    I just did the dano test and idk how long ur suppose to wait but in the end it was black or does it always turn out black when it’s done ? Anyone know ?

  20. Meghan Harvey Says:

    Ok i am 17 weeks pregnant and i have just done the drano test. I have two girls already but didn’t know about the drano test then. I do know that their heartbeats sat around 160-170bpm, this bub heartbeat sits arounds 120bpm. The drano test went BROWN with blue ring of bubbles on top. I want to believe it’s a boy so bad!

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