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Baby Stuff! July 2, 2007

Filed under: Purchases — Jason @ 5:48 pm

So after finding out that we’re having a boy (!), April and I went out to fashion our son with some cool stuff. This may not be one of the most interesting blog posts for you, but check it out anyway:

So here is a crude drawing of how the baby’s room is going to look. Colors are as close as Paint will let me get, so if the following things don’t match 100%, cut me some slack. 🙂

So here is the blanket that April kind of built the paint scheme around.

This just happens to be my favorite set of items. 🙂 Check out the little footballs on the boots. Hawt!


Here’s some sheets for the crib…

And these sheets are much more awesome, natch.

Some cool shirts…

And the pants to match, of course.

April really liked this one. I was happy about the sports monster I’ve created. 🙂

NOTHING beats classic pinstripes. NOTHING.

Here’s a surf shirt that we found on Clearance. It’s for six-months-olds, so he’ll fit into it next summer when it’s warm enough again to wear it.

This all goes with the Texas Longhorn onesie that I bought back in February.

Anyway, I’m stoked about the baby! We’re going to start painting the nursery tonight or tomorrow, and putting the crib together on Wednesday. Still four months left, but we’re at the half-way point already!


One Response to “Baby Stuff!”

  1. Steph Says:

    I can see by all the pictures that you’ve never done this before. I would like to say that your hangers are SUPER CUTE.

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