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Childcare & Painting updates July 9, 2007

Filed under: Nursery — April @ 10:20 pm

Last week I started the task of trying to find childcare for the baby- so that we’ll have someone who can care for him while we’re both at work. It’s heartbreaking.

It’s so frustrating that some of the daycares I had been calling just weren’t sympathetic or understanding to my situation. I was just another person calling to get on a waiting list. And I couldn’t get anyone to call me back until today. Still can’t believe that some of these places acted like I was bugging them with my questions, etc. Seriously- I haven’t even had this tiny little baby yet, and I’ve got to call complete strangers and talk to them about taking him when he’ll still be so tiny- and someone these people on the other line think I’m enjoying this. I could just cry thinking about it. And did earlier today at work.

I love my job- I love the people there and I’m not going to leave my job. For monetary reasons and because I do enjoy working. I just wish we had enough money to pay some nanny to stay in our house and care for him while we’re gone and we could hook internet cameras up all over the house and log in and watch what’s going on anytime we want.

At 3p today, I made a call to a daycare near us and finally heard a voice that heard and understood my concerns. It was like a breath of fresh air- knowing that this woman on the other end of the line was sympathetic to my situation. Not so sympathetic that she wanted to give us any discounts (ha!) but she talked to me and explained the way things worked at their place. She encouraged us to drop in on them- to see them without a planned trip and didn’t want us to rush into deciding on them. Just hearing those words made me want to sign right up with her. Another benefit- they don’t have a waiting list for January yet (yippee!!). All of the other places I’d called have had waiting lists 6-12 people long.

In other news, Jason painted the nursery! No stripes- those were a lot harder to do than what I thought! So we’re going to accent with all of the dark blue. The crib is up now too- I’ll update with more pics of that later.

Hope everyone is doing well!



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