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Drano pic July 9, 2007

Filed under: Gender — April @ 10:33 pm

For those who might want to see what mine looked like.  Previous Blog

I’m really curious to see how many this works for- I’ve already heard of one that had dark Drano results and is having a girl! So that would be 1 right, 1 wrong so far!

Note the brown/dark green icky color. No blue present except for the foam at the top.


4 Responses to “Drano pic”

  1. Steph Says:

    For everyone that is not familiar with the Drano test, we are looking at April’s pee mixed with magic crystals. GROSS 😉

    • Geri Wolff Says:

      So I took mine at 12 weeks and it fizzed but mostly stayed teal. After a few minutes, it’s just a dark teal color. Really hoping for a girl.
      I used 2tablespoons of powder Drano and 1/4 cup of urine. Poured over the crystals and did rotate in jar a little to mix. Was I supposed to do that?
      Does it sound like mine is girl? It never turned brown or black. Could it be too early? Also it was the second urine of the morning; forgot to collect the first. Didn’t take any vitamins nor ate and had very little water.

      • April Says:

        I’d probably do the test again at 16-17 weeks…the Bob & Tom site says that it’s accurate after 16 weeks. Of course, by then, you’re just a few weeks away from the u/s, but it’s always fun to experiment!

      • April Says:

        Oh, and yeah, that sounds like a girl! But again, I’d test a few weeks from now to see if you get the same reaction.

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