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Nursery Update September 4, 2007

Filed under: Nursery — Jason @ 3:57 pm

So the nursery is coming together. Check out what it looked like back in July here. April and I have been working on it a lot. My mom gave us 200 dollars for a changing table recently, and April has changed it into a ton of stuff. I’ll let her blog about that here soon.

It’s not finished yet, but here are some pictures, even though I know you’d just LOVE for me to accurately describe every detail, I’ll just give you the pics. 🙂

View from just inside the door.

View from the back right corner from the 1st image.

View from the glider in the 2nd picture.

April’s really getting big! She’s doing really well, and I’m proud of how great she’s handling everything! Only 11 weeks left.


One Response to “Nursery Update”

  1. Brooke Says:

    Look at that beautiful glider!

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