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Little scare this week! October 4, 2007

Filed under: Doctors — April @ 9:24 pm

Had to take a little trip to labor & delivery on Monday because little Luke apparently leaned against the exit button and I started to have some contractions.   They started up on Sunday and what I thought were just period cramps.  I took it easy that day and after about 3 hours, I called the after hours line and the doc called me and told me to just keep drinking water.  I did and they went away after a bit.  They came back that night and then Monday morning, so I called the doc’s office just to see if I could move up my appt from Friday to earlier in the week.  Instead, they told me to be safe, they wanted me to get checked out by labor & delivery- and my doc was there anyway on call, so on my way, I went.  Once I got there, I apologized all over myself to the nurse.  I felt like I was wasting their time.  They hooked me up to the little monitors and I had a contraction (what I thought was just the cramping) about 5 seconds after it was hooked up.  They left me alone with the TV and the nurse came back about 30 minutes later telling me I’d been having contractions every 8 minutes.  Who knew!

So she gave me a shot in my arm and fed me a turkey sandwich and I sat there watching more TV for a bit while the contractions slowed.  I got to see Dr. Perkins- he did an exam (FUN) and said that my cervix was still closed off on the baby’s side, so that was a good sign.   I go back tomorrow for my regular appt and he’ll check again to make sure there’s no more progress.  I’ve still been having some cramping, but it’s not as frequent as it had been (from what I can tell).

I must say the best part about the experience was getting a feeling for Dr. Perkins bedside manner- and hearing the baby’s heartbeat.  Its music to my ears- almost like he’s talking to me.  And I never realized all of the hiccups the poor kid gets!  He got them twice while I sat in there.

I can’t wait to meet him.  🙂   Ok, I can wait…but it’ll be cool to meet him 🙂


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