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Baby Shower October 7, 2007

Filed under: Baby — April @ 6:54 pm

Had a lovely baby shower thrown by Julie 🙂 Everyone was so nice and thoughtful!! I can’t believe all of the baby supplies we were blessed with. Everything from clothes, to his car seat and stroller, to a TON of diapers! Thank you everyone!

Me with everyone’s gifts:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The cake (it was a Sweet Pea theme!)

Some of my coworkers and me:

Julie & me:

Game time! This was a hilarious relay race- yes, I love shower games…I’m competitive.

Steph, me, and Angela

Family (my mom’s side):  My niece Hannah, Aunt B, Mom, Sister Sara, GM, and me


2 Responses to “Baby Shower”

  1. Teresa Haler Says:

    What a beautiful group of women! April , your are a wonderful mother already . Little Luke is a lucky little boy to have you as his mommy & Jason as his daddy.

  2. You are amazing with words. You should really write a book. You are so great with expressing yourself. Luke has a great Mommy…You and Jason will be such great parents.

    Greet each with Love towards each other and the blessing God has given you both, Luke.

    I am so excited for you both…Praying all going well Tomorrow, Luke’s Birthday 11/6/07

    Love and Prayers – Sara

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