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It’s a Boy! November 8, 2007

Filed under: Baby — Jason @ 11:21 pm

Welcome, Luke!

Luke was born on Tuesday morning. He weighed 7lbs 1.1ozs and was 19″ long. He’s such a tiny baby!

Baby and Mom are both doing great. I’m really amazed by how well April has recouped after her surgery. She hasn’t had any pain killers since about 24 hours after her surgery, and she feels great. She’s been a great mom to Luke so far!

I love the little guy. I just love holding him in my arms and watching him sleep. Hopefully he loves it too.

April and Luke will be coming home tomorrow. The past two days have been a whirlwind, between visitors and nurses and other hospital employees, it’s seemed like that door is never shut. And when you do get a second of peace, the phone rings!

Tomorrow has been designated an Immediate Family day, meaning just April, Luke, and myself. No visitors. No calls. Nothing. 🙂 Hopefully we can get him transitioned into the house, and hopefully the cats will leave the poor kid alone.

Well, check the blog more often, folks. This is going to get good…


One Response to “It’s a Boy!”

  1. Miranda Says:

    Congratulations!!!! Luke is very handsome 🙂 So glad to hear that him and April are doing great!!!!

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