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A Man, A Wife, and a Baby

Arrrrrr May 26, 2008

Filed under: Baby — April @ 10:49 pm

A few things-

Luke is starting to really teethe.  Before he would slobber and we thought it was teething, but this is starting to really get serious, folks.  We’re talking chewing on everything, fussiness, and overall growling and trying to shove everything in reach into his mouth.

We need to get his “6 month”, now 6 3/4 month pics taken…need to stop procrastinating!

How is my baby boy over 6 months old already, anyway?  Amazing how the time has gone by.  Really amazing.

He’s rolling all over and rotates different directions on his belly.  But his favorite thing to do right now is “ow’ “ow” “ow” on his hands.  Yes, he’s talented.


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